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Awards and Fellowships


I love teaching! During my time at Stanford, I’ve been lucky enough to TA several courses.

Some Papers

  1. 2011. A Robust Fragment of a Discourse Grammar for English.
    Livia Polanyi, Martin van den Berg, Kathryn Hymes. In Submission.

  2. 2010. Frequentist evaluation of intervals estimated for a binomial parameter and for the ratio of
    Poisson means.

    Robert Cousins, Kathryn Hymes, and Jordan Tucker
    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Journal A

  3. 2008. Hamming Codes in the Context of DNA Self Assembly
    Tiyu Wang, Aditya Mittal, and Kathryn Hymes
    The 14th International Meeting on DNA Computing.
    Also appeared at Biomedical Computation at Stanford Symposium.

  4. 2007. Using Differential Scanning Calorimetry in Understanding the Correlation Between Thermal Stability and Protein Stability: A Case Study.
    GE Healthcare Life Sciences Version
    Jie Wen, Yijia Jiang, Kathryn Hymes, Ke Gong and Linda Narhi.